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It’s the end of a long evening of dungeon-crawling. Your players have kicked down every door, unraveled each mystery, and slain all of the monsters (and most of the side characters) you’ve prepared… but their thirst for adventure is far from quenched.
Must you send them home to the humdrum of real life?!

Dungenerator decks are poker-sized card decks by artist ROLLINKUNZ that generate inky, organic dungeons. Introducing Series 2 – the ruined forest temple! Even more interconnecting rooms ready to help you create a randomized, evocative experience for any dungeon crawling RPG. These cards work alone or alongside the cards of Dungenerator: Series 1 and, like Series 1, come with plenty of extras:

  • Includes 52 full-color, double-sided, poker-sized room cards and instructions in a tuck box
  • Works with Dungenerator: Series 1 cards and as a standalone generator
  • Code for digital version on Itch.io included with purchase

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RPG Systems

5E, OSR-Friendly, System-agnostic

RPG Terms

Dungeon Crawl, Map-making

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