The Devil Game


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Rebecca Ainsely, budding influencer, has traded the lives of her friends in the search for internet fame. Investigators will be tasked with stopping her at all costs, or perhaps making a bargain themselves.

Everyone knows the internet’s a little bit haunted. Sometimes a lot haunted. Pairing the occult and technology has proven to yield a great story: cursed VHS tapes, phone calls from ghosts, deadly websites. In the 21st century, hell’s only a few clicks away.

The Devil Game is a module for Liminal Horror that takes your team of supernatural investigators to Tinnings, Montana, where a social media craze is encouraging the local teens to – it seems – accidentally summon real demons. You’ve got everything: nefarious clergy, Infernal Imps, a professor-turned-demonologist, and, of course, the most terrifying creatures of all – teenagers.

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Crab Dominion


Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

RPG Systems

Liminal Horror

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Adventure Module, GM-required, Storytelling

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