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The Dark


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It’s only you now. You’ve been running for what seems like an eternity and it’s become dead quiet

The daylight (or what’s left of it) peeks through the canopy above, as you trek in what you hope is a singular direction. The last remains of daylight peek through the canopy above as you trek in what you hope is the correct direction. The frost on the air causes you to shiver as you begin to see an eerie blackness consume the forest. Moving with purpose, smoky, inky, tendrils wrap and twist through the trees as it moves towards you. The closer it gets, the harder it is to remember who you were…who you love. Holding on to your deepest memories is all you can now as you try to survive The Dark.

Here at Knave of Cups, we’re fascinated by the idea of ‘sylvan dread’ – y’know, unfriendly woods, the creeping feeling of being watched, a sudden wave of panic that you are not meant to be where you are? Well this game has all that in spades. The Dark is solo game based on the Wretched & Alone system. In it, you play as the last survivor of a group of friends lost deep in the Scandinavian woods, hunted by something… hunted by The Dark.

In practical terms, The Dark is a game designed to be played in (get this) the dark, where 4 candles take the place of the block tower used in most Wretched & Alone games. Instead of pulling from the tower, you roll to see if you blow out a candle, and after all 4 candles are extinguished, your character is consumed by The Dark. Like all W&A games, there is a fleeting hope that you might escape, but you are only a weak and fleshy human, and the dark is more powerful than you.

The dark took your friends. Will it take you too?

ALSO, if you’re looking for fittingly grim ambient background music for your play-through, checkout the companion album from Iagon on bandcamp!

  • 24-page, saddle-stitch zine
  • Gameplay requires candles, a deck of playing cards, and polyhedral dice

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