The Crushing Dark


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The Crushing Dark is a solo journeying game where you’ll explore the crushing depths of the sea on a voyage of scientific discovery… and dread. As your claustrophobic bathysphere descends into the dark, you’ll record your observations and thoughts as you encounter stunning sights, strange vistas, and come face to face with your own sense of mortality and purpose.

What awaits you, down there in the dark? How much of that darkness are you bringing with you, dangling in the deep, at the end of your rope?

The Crushing Dark is a submersible solo journaling game using the Wretched & Alone system from creators Ember + Ash. In this game, you are sealed into an iron sphere and lowered into the ocean, the last thing you see above the surface being the face of your colleague and crush (GET IT, IT’S A PUN ABOUT WATER PRESSURE.) As your bathysphere sinks, you explore both the depths of the ocean and your own memory. Like all W&A games, safe return from these depths is unlikely. How does your explorer deal with their fate?

  • Download code for included with each copy
  • 16 page A5 zine, colo cover, b&w interior

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Ember & Ash


Horror, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Systems

Wretched & Alone

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GM-Less, Journaling, Solo

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