The Chair Bundle


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THE CHAIR is in every room.

The only way to leave THE HOUSE is to destroy THE CHAIR (Hermetic Devices required.)

The Chair is a handmade pamphlet module for use with Liminal Horror from illustrator and designer Zach Hazard, about, well, a spooky fucked-up chair. And it only gets weirder from there. A six-room haunted-house dungeon suitable for a one-shot or insertion into a larger campaign, with four unique enemies, (including the eponymous chair itself,) AND a card with custom fallout consequences unique to the House. Zach Hazard’s deliciously succinct and surreal writing make this pamphlet adventure an unnerving delight with a uniquely modern-horror aesthetic.


Knave of Cups is bundling a double-sided bestiary card with The Chair containing two additional monsters for Liminal Horror, Click Clack and Gushing Graveler. The double-sided card has stats, a brief description of each unsettling monster, and monochrome illustrations from Zach hazard and Nick Tofani. Add a little extra creepy spice into the Liminal Horror adventure of your choice!

  • Bundle includes: Trifold pamphlet, fallout card, double-sided monster card
  • Everything is hand made by Zach Hazard

Additional information


Zach Hazard


Dark Fantasy, Horror

RPG Systems

Liminal Horror

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, GM-required

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