The Bureau


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Red emergency lights flash as you stand in the lobby of the Bureau.

The Monolith crumbles at the hands of a catastrophic incursion.

Reality itself is at stake. 

There for different reasons, your group is now the only hope of stopping the encroachment of the Shadow.

The Bureau is a 70-room dungeon crawl written for Liminal Horror that takes investigators through The Monolith, the headquarters of a quasi-governmental organization charged with defense and strengthening of the planar barrier. Naturally, The Bureau has recently suffered a catastrophic failure in its mission, and you are here to hopefully stop The Shadow from breaching the Monolith and crossing into the prime material plane.

Designed by Josh Domanski and Goblin Archives, and presented in a grubby “typewritten document” style, The Bureau is inspired by games like Control, or writing like the SPC foundation. With 70 rooms over 4 accessible floors, monster illustrations by Zach Hazard, charts for resonant artifacts and planar shifts, as well as copious conspiratorial lore, The Bureau has a LOT of content to offer for your Liminal Horror game. Advice is also included on how to incorporate The Monolith into an existing campaign and how to adapt the setting into a one-shot.

  • Created as an adventure module for Liminal Horror – includes a brief summary of the core rules system
  • 40 pages, 5.5″x8.5″, saddled stitched zine, color cover & interiors

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Goblin Archives, Josh Domanski, Zach Hazard


Horror, Sci Fi, Surrealism

RPG Systems

Liminal Horror

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, Dungeon Crawl, GM-required

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