The Alleyman’s Tarot


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You walk down the street, busy as ever, when you notice a couple people in the alley you were about to walk by. You see that one man is behind the set up card table, revealing that the ball was under a different cup. The other man cusses and walks off, almost bumping into you. The scam artist looks up at you when you look back at him. He is the Alleyman, and he beckons you inside. For just 17 cents, he will tell you a story about your future with his tarot cards. You begin to say you don’t have change on you, but reaching into your pocket you find 17 cents exactly.

The Alleyman shuffles his strange and mismatched tarot deck, and begins to tell you a story about someone else that, you come to find is actually about you, as well.

We’re proud to introduce The Alleyman’s Tarot, a massive, lovingly-curated, 137-card collection of original art and chaotic vibes. Many cards hail from their artist’s own decks, some were created especially for The Alleyman (like the Ace of Swords, made by Knave of Cups co-founder Ayo), while others are archival images found through research. Each card is unique, as if from plucked a different deck: card backs are different, and many cards have foil edges and foil embossing.

In addition to a whole new minor arcana, duplicate cards, and one off cards, this massive deck also contains a standard 78-card tarot deck,  so by removing cards this deck can be used for games or rituals that make use of a standard tarot deck.

This is the deck, holder of the coveted title Most Funded Tarot Project on Kickstarter, the deck with its own lore, the deck to end all decks, the deck that will ensure you a wild reading or an evocative ride through your next tarot-based TTRPG.

  • 137 cards from over 80 individual artists (as well as reprints from historical decks) in a sturdy, sliding storage box
  • Includes a spiral-bound guide to each card complete with symbolism, artist information, and Alleyman lore
  • Created by Seven, the Publishing Goblin

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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Psychedelic, Sci Fi, Surrealism

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