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The Adventurer’s Tarot: Empress Deck


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To take a journey with a tarot deck, be it in TTRPG form or through a more traditional reading, it’s important to find imagery that resonates with you. Traditional or modern? Minimalist or maximalist? Light and peaceful or dark and introspective?

The Adventurer’s Tarot is a luxe, technicolor oracle deck themed around and designed specifically for use with Dungeons and Dragons 5E. Designer and illustrator Brenda Ho brings you 103 lush illustrations, every card accented with metallic gold foil. Let The Bard and The Ranger and The Familiar and The Adversary guide you! Use the deck for divination or add arcane spice to your 5E game using the print and play rules found online.

The Adventurer’s Tarot was fully funded on Kickstarter in 90 minutes and went on to win a 2021 ENNIE award. Cards are accompanied by a guidebook with reflections and symbolism as well as two storage options: a sturdy box and a black drawstring bag, both gold foil-stamped with the Adventurer’s D20-themed iconography.

  • Distributed by Weird Works, art by Brenda Ho
  • 103 full-color, gold foil-stamped cards, matching gold foil-stamped box and drawstring bag, and a guidebook

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Brenda Ho


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

RPG Systems


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