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TATTOO is a roleplaying game about tattoo artists, their clients, and the reality TV show that puts them in the spotlight. It’s lightweight, GM-less, and can be played without any prep or study.

It’s also a competitive party game of deduction, gambling, and competitive doodling.

And it’s a remix of Taboo, the classic guessing game. (Taboo. Tattoo. You get it.)

TATTOO by Sean Patrick Cain is irrelevant game that straddles the line between GM-less storytelling games (like maybe Fiasco) and competitive “pitch-based” party games (like Apples to Apples, Snake Oil, or even TABOO) Players take on the roles of artists, clients, and producers in a reality-show-slash-tattoo-parlor (a la LA Ink.) All contained in a slick black and white zine that oozes SPC’s signature graphic style.

TATTOO uses cards (and some mechanics) from the board game TABOO as components to “help” clients describe their tattoo ideas to artists. Per the author’s recommendation,  we at Knave of Cups have hunted down and gutted several copies of TABOO and divided them into little optional mini decks of (~100) TABOO cards so you can play without owning a copy of TABOO or giving Hasbro a single red cent.

TATTOO is unique from many other storytelling games in several ways: it’s semi-competitive, it supports large groups of players (5-9,) and it clocks in at a breezy 1-2 hours to play (it even has a fun playlist to help you time it). This hybrid party-roleplaying is a great fit for groups looking a fun and refreshingly different one-shot, or for groups looking to introduce newcomers to the world of storytelling games.

  • 30-page, A5 saddle-stitch zine with color cover, b&w interior
  • Optional deck of approx. TABOO 100 cards

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SPC – Sean Patrick Cain


Comedy, Slice of Life

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GM-Less, Non-Violent, One-Shot, Party