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Tapestry is a theme-less storytelling game in a tiny package. As much a game as it is a self-contained, creative process, Tapestry is a simple framework that results in surprising and unexpected narratives. Rules are designed for collaborative play for 2-4 players, but can be easily adapted for solo play. A perfect game to throw in your bag for night of spinning yarns at the pub.

Via creator Matthew Gravelyn:

Tapestry is a blank slate, a fresh canvas, a new page on which to write any and all stories. It is a storytelling game with simple rules and shared narrative control among all players. It is free of any themes or settings and instead relies on intuitive word association to drive the game. Similar to tarot or oracle cards, the game uses simple prompts which, when combined with the players’ imaginations and desires, magically turns into a rich story full of wonderful characters, intense action, and beautiful scenery.

  • Includes high-quality cards with linen and UV-coating, 12 wooden tokens, and a rule booklet in a mint tin

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Matthew Gravelyn

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