Tangled Blessings


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To our future student:

It is with great pleasure that I’m writing to inform you of your acceptance into the halls of Brackroot Academy.

This is likely the first time you’ve heard of our noble Academy, and that is not by mistake. Brackroot Academy is a long- established school for adults showing a natural aptitude for the arcane and the unseen. We do not choose students based on applications or standardized tests. Instead, we rely on an ancient gem attuned to the esoteric properties of what laymen might call magic. The stone’s origins are unknown, but it reveals students from across the world who possess a connection to the supernatural. Recently, it showed us your image.

Tangled Blessings is a tarot-driven, solo journaling game that asks the most important question: what if you finally, finally received your letter inviting you to attend a spooky magical school? Pack your stuff, it’s time. Inspired by dark academia, ghost stories, and grad school, Tangled Blessings scratches all your witchy itches. You’ll brew potions, hang out with ghosts, mess with time magic, explore the castle and the grounds, meet the other students and make friends/enemies/lovers, all while going toe-to-toe with your rival, someone just as talented, just as strange, and just as passionate as you.

Built on Sam Leigh’s Anamnesis structure, Tangled Blessings can be played alone or as a duet game. No dice required, only the tarot deck of your choice and a way to record your story. Create your student, receive an assignment to one of four mystical houses, meet your rival, then dive into a secret, magical world, learning to develop and channel your innate abilities. You’ll face off against your rival* at the conclusion of your fourth year – a classic magicians’ duel – and of course, only one of you can prevail.

  • *Yes, you can romance your rival in this game, a course of action highly recommended by both game creator, Cassi, and Knave of Cups co-founder, Jen
  • Requires a 78-card tarot deck and a journal for play
  • Softcover, 64 pages, color cover with b&w interior print and illustrations

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Cassi Mothwin


Dark Fantasy, Slice of Life

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Diceless, Duet, GM-Less, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling, Tarot-driven

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