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You are a pig farmer; you adore your pigs.

Speaking of their beautiful heft brings tears to your eyes. Sweet cherubs knowing nothing of the world. The extent of the cruelty man commits is rebuked by their muddy pen. You would die for them – you would absolutely kill for them. Treachery from hungry neighbors, soldiers, and hog thieves is a nightly horror which rattles your mind.

Swine is a gritty and spartan adventure designed for use with the Violence system by Luke Gearing. Minimal illustrations and type-writer style layout give it a grounded and ominous feeling.

Swine is a game about driving your pigs into town to be vaccinated, about 4 days to the west. Just you, the pigs, your dog, your implements of violence, your grain alcohol, and the dangerous world around you.

What could go wrong.

  • 20 pages, A6 saddle stitched zine
  • Color cover and interiors

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Mark Conway


Dark Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Systems


RPG Terms

Adventure Module, OSR, Solo

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