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In the center of the kingdom of Realm, there exists a dark and unsettling forest.

It is known as the Sunderwald.

This is a game about how the woods change us, and how we change the woods. It features a complete, stand-alone game with character creation, enemies, advancement, the whole deal.

It is also a legacy tabletop roleplaying game. During play, you will physically and permanently modify this book. Do not be afraid.

Scar. The. Book.

From Long Tail Games, Sunderwald is a Legacy TTRPG, a concept inspired by legacy board games like Pandemic Legacy. In a nutshell, this means that it’s a setting designed to be changed and permanently altered by its players, and these changes are recorded in book itself over the course of play. While hypothetically every TTRPG setting allows players to make sweeping changes to it through play, Sunderwald provides a clear mechanical framework to encourage and nourish such changes, and gives players a satisfying record of those changes.

Sunderwald’s ever-changing world also brings a collaborative element to an otherwise traditional style of play: Player death and creating new characters is rewarded, as is switching GMs. When player choose a culture or class for their character, they fill in bits of lore about it.

The base setting of Sunderwald is a dark and malevolent forest, full of grim creatures and mouldering locations. Rules are relatively light so that you can get to the good stuff: lots of setting content to be discovered and altered, with blanks to fill in and boxes to check, as well as blank templates for everything. One sample adventure is included to kick play off.

Sunderwald is less like a guidebook to strange new world, and more like a living document made to be passed around between friends, a world where everyone who has touched it has left a mark.

  • A5 softcover, 140 full color pages

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