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It happened so suddenly. The Apocalypse was not what we thought it would be.

The molten core of our planet was consumed to power an interdimensional portal.

While the cracks that split the planet open are letting them out, we will make our way in.

You are the best and brightest scientists we have left. You need to figure out how to fix this as you head down, reach the portal, and close it.

Substratum is a new game from Pandion Games using the Breathless system: a rules-light and fast-paced system that constantly ratchets up the pressure on players. Will your team of scientists safely stabilize the breach at the core of our planet? Or will all be lost in a vortex of molten rock and cosmic radiation?

  • Full-color, 5-page, A5 size saddle stitch zine
  • Uses polyhedral dice

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Pandion Games


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GM-required, One-Shot

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