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Starsworn is a story-telling game for all ages – a combination coloring book, choose-your-own-adventure, and role-playing game that anyone can pick up and play together to tell tall tales! Legends say that long ago, magic fell from the stars – and now, when the stars fall again, a group of unlikely heroes must master strange powers to help a world in chaos … and themselves!

Know some kids who are curious about creating fantasy characters? Overcoming obstacles? Working together to weave an exciting tale? Starsworn was designed by a pair of storytelling educators for exactly this! The d6-based system is straightforward to learn and includes pre-made characters, colorable illustrations, and a variety of tips and tricks for running more compelling games for players of any age.

  • Enjoyable for all ages, but designed in a choose-your-own-adventure style for kids to discover the magic of TTRPGs while learning how to tell stories collaboratively
  • Comes with 2-sided coloring map
  • Requires at least one d6 die (optimally three) and stuff to write/color with
  • 90-page 8.5″ x 11″ perfect bound book with color cover and B&W interiors

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