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Dive on into the spiraling Labyrinth, where beasties slither and treasures glimmer.

Sometimes you just want to kick down the door of a dungeon and plunder the loot therein. No frills, no interstitial scenes, just you, the dungeon, and an appetite for highly stylized fantasy violence.

From designer Mark Conway, Spirals delivers on that old school craving in a short & sweet, “coffee-break” style solo dungeon crawl. With this booklet, a handful of d6s, and some pencils and paper, you’ll have everything you need to quickly generate a character, a labyrinth, and then start hacking away at monsters, slinging spells, and gathering loot. A great little game for quick, light-hearted fantasy romps. It even comes with a sample dungeon to get you started!

And if you want another solo game from Mark Conway that is not quick, light, or particularly fantasy, also check out Swine

  • A6 zine, 8 pages, full color

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Dungeon Crawl, GM-Less, OSR, Solo