Soul Burner

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Soul Burner is a standalone tabletop roleyplaying game of adventuring ashen corpses wandering a volcanic ghostland in service of the gods of fate, protecting the timeline from iminent disaster by manifesting fractured memories to shape the world to their will.
Compatible with Mork Borg and inspired by Necronautilus, this game acts as a bridge between worlds of violent dark fantasy and stoner metal science fantasy.

Ash’s warping corpses are made of REMINDERS, their memories manifested in makeshift limbs that allow them to interact with the living world from their wandering afterlife. In lieu of stats and weapons, Reminders are the solitary method of interacting with the forces around them, so players are encouraged to creatively interpret and adjust their powers as needed to suit their desires.

A simple d20 system inspired by Mork Borg is intuitive and easy for any roleplayer to command the forces of Fate. Players fulfill and manipulate Prophecies in an effort to maintain the timeline and prevent the volcanic island continent of Cauter from collapsing into apocalypse.

Characters, creatures, countries, and callings are quickly generated using innovative d21 and d14 randomizers, integrating the interpretive nature of tarot and oracle cards with expected dice mechanics for a dynamic ever-changing challenging setting to traverse. Rules included for a Gamemaster to guide the journey or use these oracles in the place of proper guidance, making solo and gm-less play readily available.

Soul Burner is the latest full-length game from World Champ Games Co, a spiritual successor to their hit game Necronautilus. It is both a standalone game and compatible with Mork Borg. Presented in a wild and psychedelic “art-forward” style, this game is sure to impress and inspire.

  • A5, 84-page, full-color softcover

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World Champ Game Co


Dark Fantasy, Horror, Psychedelic

RPG Systems

Mörk Borg

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GM-Agnostic, Solo, Tarot-driven

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