So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well / A Miscellany of Backgrounds

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After a long fall, you’ve landed on something soft. A bit squishy and squelchy, really. And moving. Is it… a worm?

So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well begins where your punishment ends – at the bottom of the Judicial Well! In the delightful tradition of surreal Troika! adventures, this module gives you everything you need to explore your new subterranean home: 6 backgrounds and 36 objects thrown into the well with you, as well as a whole world of well flora, well fauna, sentient invertebrates, and so many more!

BONUS: every copy of So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well is a double zine that also contains A Miscellany of Backgrounds, an additional Ember+Ash zine containing 12 fully-illustrated character backgrounds ready for any Troika! game. Meet such mysterious persons as “The Many-Crowned Bathe-In-Sky,” “The Runewright,” and “The Two-Bound-As-One.”

  • So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well: A5, 60 pages, full color
  • A Miscellany of Backgrounds: A5, 56 pages, full color
  • By Madeline Ember of Ember+Ash

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Ember & Ash


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Psychedelic, Surrealism

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