Slaying Dragons


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Slaying Dragons is a game about metaphorically slaying your dragon.

In this game there is no doubt whether or not you’ll succeed; you will. You will make your way to the beast’s lair. You will find the hidden secrets within. And you will finally slay the dragon. The question is what you’ll learn about yourselves in the process, and what price you have to pay for your growth.

Slaying Dragons is a rules-light storytelling game about classic heroes’ journeys: confronting and wrestling with great beasts, be they physical or metaphorical in nature. It’s very much a “nordic-style” ttrpg, it is focused on character development and interaction above all else. Simulationists, look elsewhere. Storytelling fans, this is for you. Art nouveau illustrations from classic illustrator Aubrey Beardsley lend the book a fitting, dark, storybook aesthetic. A great game to capture the feeling of low-fantasy, epic tales of struggle and triumph.

  • 40-page A6 size, softcover, color cover with black and white interior
  • Play over one large session (~5 hrs) or two shorter sessions (~2-3 hrs each)

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Amos Johan Persson, Bläckfisk Publishing



RPG Terms

GM-Less, Storytelling

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