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Knave of Cups celebrates horror media for Halloween 2023 and nothing is as iconic as the 80’s slasher film. Now experience one in TTRPG form! No GM, simply a supernatural murder machine. And the players? They’re the victims. Er, the teens. Strap in for a violent one-shot of a ride. Two hours, just like a movie. Plus, enjoy a unique tumbling tower mechanic in which players stack blocks to represent the mounting danger. When you play Slasher, you’ll hit all the important tropes:

A crazed killer! (Complete with eerie lore who, for whatever reason, can’t seem to stay dead).

A group of friends! (One of every flavor: nerd, jock, hot couple, stoner – usually teens but sometimes college kids… if it’s a sequel and we met them when they were in high school.)

And, of course, one person to embody the spirit of the Final Girl! (Bruised and beaten but badass, tired of watching their friends die and ready to stand up to the evil that menaces them.)

Who do you wanna be? A sarcastic pothead? A well-meaning himbo? The lurching, bloodthirsty murderer?

  • Content Warning, via the creator: This game is an homage to brutal slasher films. The game’s story will very likely contain descriptive acts of violence against most of the characters at the table.
  • For 3-5 players and one Slasher (GM) – requires a tumbling tower and 2 d6 dice to play
  • 12-page full-color A5 saddle-stitched zine

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Horror, Retro Nostalgia

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GM-required, One-Shot

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