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Skyworthy is a journaling game of iconic Skyships, the Captains who fly them, and their adventures and struggles, made for one player.

Play from the point of view of the Skyship, commissioned and constructed in a gilded age of exploration and discovery.  Under the command of your Captain, fly into the unknown as all around you time passes and the world changes.

Skyships are built to last. Captains will come and go as they age, sicken, retire, tearfully sell you, or die by the hands of their enemies. Still, you will sail on.

Skyworthy is a beautiful, handcrafted solo journaling game from A Couple of Drakes Design Studio based on the Lost & Found SRD. You play as a Skyship, (the ship mind you, not the captain) sailing the high skies as decades fly by. You pass hands from captain to captain and each captain’s adventures and retrofits leave impressions on your gondola.

Printed in sustainable small batches, this gorgeous game comes either as an half-letter zine, or as a bundle that includes the zine and a matching skyship journal. All versions also include a bookmark and skyship sticker.

  • Half-Letter, 44-page, full-color, saddle-stitch zine.
  • Matching journal from the deluxe version is half-letter, lined with watercolor texture, and ~40 pages.

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Zine Only, Special Edition w/ Journal


A Couple of Drakes



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Lost & Found

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