Skeleton Tarot


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Produced and printed in Iowa. This deck contains four suits: mugs, knives, canes, and coins. Each card is illustrated with skeletons, plants, coffee, and wild animals rendered in rich textures and patterns. It’s easy to read, making it a perfect gift for newcomers. This unique deck has found its way into tarot deck collections around the world.

The Skeleton Tarot Deck is a fully illustrated 78-card deck that measures 3″x5″ on coated card, and they come packaged in a silk screened bag. Durable cards can be shuffled and used over and over again; this deck is designed to last.

Cat Rocketship is a genderqueer illustrator and instructor from Des Moines, Iowa. They love to draw people and the skeletons inside them, and boy howdy does this deck really show it. The skeleton tarot is exactly what it says on the label: a 78-card tarot deck chock full of skeletons! Skeletons dancing, skeletons looking cool, skeletons ominously hanging in sky as portents of future calamities, you name it! Cat’s illustration style is playful, sketchy, and authentic, giving it a friendly vibe with a gothic sense of humor.

  • Standard sized, 78 card RWS compatible tarot deck
  • Includes silkscreened velveteen bag for storage
  • No booklet or tuckbox included

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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Surrealism

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