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Single Unique Power is a cast-building, setting-creation game inspired by the “one person, one power” trope popular in superhero media, manga, and anime. Examples include mutations in X-Men, quirks in My Hero Academia, devil fruit powers in One Piece, and nen abilities in Hunter × Hunter. In each of these examples, select characters all have unique, personalized powers.

World-building can be a game all its own! Using the classic “roll some dice and pull suggestions out of a hat” mechanic, you’ll create a cast of characters, lay out their powers, imagine their backstories, and give them a home within their universe. Is their world welcoming to them or hostile? Are their powers useful? Wanted or unwanted? How did they get their powers to begin with?

When you’ve completed gameplay, you’ll have assembled your very own super-crew, ready to go on all kinds of adventures!

Single Unique Power is one of six titles in Possible Worlds Games’ genre collection of mini-games, each bound like a color-coordinated mini spiral notepad. Designed to be quick to learn and low prep, but with enough depth you’ll never tell the same story twice.

  • Play as a game, or use it as a character or world generator
  • Requires two or more players, 3 d6 dice, something to write with, a stack of notecards, and something to mix your notecards in (like a bowl or a hat)
  • 4″ x 6″ wire-bound notebook, 23 pages with a color cover and b&w interior
  • Part of the six-game Possible Worlds series

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Fantasy, Sci Fi

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Storytelling, Worldbuilding

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