Side Quest: Fortress of Bones


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In Fortress of Bones you must carry a message from Queen Wuffelia deep into the heart of the Skull Kingdom, delivering it to the Skull King himself at the Fortress of Bones. Face down the Skull Kingdom’s greatest warrior, meet a travelling merchant from the Glade Realm, and survive the ‘warm welcome’ offered by the city guard.

Side Quests are “dice and decision” solo RPGs, part self-contained one-shot story and part dice-roll strategy game. You’ll choose your hero (a valiant little wolf-adventurer) as well as the other characters in your questing party. Every combination gives you different advantages and drawbacks! When you’re ready to go, set off for The Fortress of Bones and draw your canine crew’s exploits as you progress. Call us counter-intuitive, but we think it’s actually easier to draw a dog-knight than a human knight.

  • Requires a handful of d6 dice as well as paper and pencil
  • Over 80 possible hero/questing party combinations
  • 32-page A6 zine with a 250gsm cover

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Estragon Helmer


Comedy, Fantasy

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Gamebook, Solo

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