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Sea of Glass


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Sail upon the wine-dark waves in eight rooms of rot, blood, and ghoulishness. Fire the cannons! Speak with royalty! Rail against vampirism!

Sea of Glass is a supernatural pirate adventure module for Bastards (or the OSR-flavored system of your choice). Includes a hex-map of the surrounding area, a new character class, and a series of hooks to pull your party in. What will it be? Snatched by an enormous seagull and dropped upon the deck of an eerie, abandoned ship? Pardoned by the Pirate Queen in exchange for the mysteriously empty vessel on which you now stand?

  • 20-page, staple bound softcover, A6 size

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Sivad's Sanctum – Jon Davis


Fantasy, Nautical

RPG Systems

Bastards, OSR-Friendly

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, OSR

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