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Scratch Fables Game-Pack


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SCRATCH FABLES is a minimalistic storytelling game inspired by the classic party game Mad Libs or toys like magnetic poetry. You create a story a bit like a fable or fairy-tale as you play by filling in the blanks of simple prompts using a word bank and illustrating your story as you go.

Designed to be easy to pick up and play informal settings, Scratch Fables is a solo journaling game crossed with a party game or an activity book. It’s a storytelling game that you could play at a bar, on your lunch break, or even on a road trip.

Our TTRPG Game-Packs are sold in vending machines across the US, and now you can also get them right here online! Game-packs include everything needed to play the included game. They’re great gifts to introduce TTRPGs to new players, or to just throw in your bag to have in case. You can rip open the seal holo-foil pouch at a bar or a sleepover and begin your adventure.

The Scratch Fables Game-Pack includes:

  • The game in a 12 page mini-zine
  • A mini sketchbook
  • A golf pencil

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Comedy, Fantasy

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Diceless, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling