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Scene Thieves is a theatrical roleplaying game where players collaboratively “write” a play while simultaneously choreographing an elaborate heist in the background.

Fans of goofball improv-based party games and wacky heist plot lines and theatre kids at heart, this one’s for you. Establish your characters and the job they’re attempting to pull off. In Act 1, you’ll draw props at random and incorporate them into both the play (which you are now writing on the fly, congrats) and the crime (which you are all doing, quietly, in the background). During Intermission, you’ll decide if this endeavor is trending ‘comedy’ or ‘tragedy,’ and as Act 2 commences, you’ll attempt to wrap it all up before your show (and your chance to steal that thing) concludes.

Scene Thieves is one of six titles in Possible Worlds Games’ genre collection of mini-games, each bound like a color-coordinated mini spiral notepad. Designed to be quick to learn and low prep, but with enough depth you’ll never tell the same story twice.

  • For two or more aspiring theatrical ne’er-do-wells
  • Requires a coin, one d6 (optional), and something to write with, as well as a stack of notecards and a container in which to mix them (like a bowl or a hat)
  • 4″ x 6″ spiral-bound notebook, 25 pages with a color cover and b&w interior
  • Part of the six-game Possible Worlds series

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Comedy, Crime

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GM-Less, Party, Storytelling

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