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Designed for bonfire circles, car rides, and second bottles of wine.

Got a road trip coming up? Maybe you wanna get cozy by the fireplace at your favorite TTRPG bar. With three acts and an optional epilogue, Sanctum can help!

Sanctum is a tidy little storytelling zine about dungeons, the proverbial genre setting for so many a fantasy romp. It requires no GM, no dice – no pen and paper at all! Thanks to the improv comedy method of “Yes, and…” you can harness all that dungeon-exploring action with less time, prep, and rulebooks. If you’ve got 30 minutes, you can exercise your imagination and collaborate with your friends on a classic fantasy tale!

  • For 1-4 players – optimally 3 players but solo, duet, and trio-with-a-pal-to-read-the-rules works just as well
  • 16 pages, A6 staple-bound booklet
  • Full-color cover on 100 lb satin, matte laminated stock with greyscale interior on 80 lb uncoated stock

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James Pianka



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Diceless, Duet, GM-Less, Solo