Rainbow Mix Polyhedral 7-Die Set


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Chessex has created a variety of amazing colorways: psychedelic swirls, glow-in-the-dark suspensions, frosty finishes and clouds of lustrous glitter, but the one thing they haven’t done is a full-on rainbow – so we did it ourselves. We took sets of opaque single-color polyhedral dice and mixed them around until we had new sets wherein each color was represented once by one of the seven dice.

Technically, all the sets are the same (in that they all contain the correct dice) and none of the sets are the same (in that every color/die combination is different). They may be dice, but like us humans, these sets contain multitudes.

  • Excellent for playing any number of popular games about cavernous mazes and/or fire breathing lizards
  • A Knave of Cups exclusive – a limited number of these sets are available
  • Set includes seven “standard” 16mm polyhedral dice in a plastic storage box, one of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and black

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Nebula – Nocturnal


16mm – standard