Questlandia 2nd Edition


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Questlandia is a roleplaying game about personal victories in collapsing worlds.

Build a kingdom of warring slug kings and caterpillar princes, a nomadic tribe of giants slowly turning to stone, an ancient colony in an asteroid as the last stars die out.

The original Questlandia arrived in 2014 and, frankly, collaborative, eco-fable, fantasy-worlds-on-the-brink-of-collapse have never been more relevant. Enter the revised and expanded Questlandia 2nd Edition! You’ll still tell a story of change and the ways in which a variety of sentient beings process change, only now you’ll also have a completely re-written body of text, new art and illustrations, a fresh layout, re-designed mechanics, revamped character sheets, new examples, and clearer rules, as well as two additional variant rulesets (2-player mode and revisiting worlds/extending previous games).

  • Requires 3-5 collaborative players (GM-less), a deck of playing cards,  12 d6 dice (in 2 colors), and tokens
  • Soft-touch laminated cover with full-color interior

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GM-Less, Storytelling

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