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Time marches on.
Well, at least it used to.

Project ECCO is a game of time travel and cosmic horror—a solo journaling game with a twist. Time travel across the pages of a planner, writing in and marking up the dates based on prompts as you go, ultimately creating an artifact of your travels through time.

You work for the mysterious organization known only as The Agency , tasked with tracking a time-consuming entity throughout an entire year.

In the end, will you destroy the Entity? Do you dare question the Agency? Can you find yourself?

Can’t go wrong with a sci-fi/horror solo journaling game. We’ve tried lots, mostly related to spaceships. But what about TIME SHENANIGANS? Knave of Cups is proud to aid Project ECCO in the fight for our very existence! Gather your supplies and get ready to save the world.

First, you’ll need a planner. Any planner. The one you use every day! The totally blank one you got last holiday season! Or go vintage: dig through your basement, visit the thrift shop, or splurge on a Goosebumps 1997 Scare-A-Day off Ebay. There’s a whole “1980-last year” category, just remember to go for one with lots of pages to write on. Now the part we can help with, the tools you’ll use to travel: playing cards, a tarot deck, a handful of dice. These are the devices that will allow you to ride the time stream.

Are you prepared? Equipped? Excellent. Go forth. Jump through time. Fight a vast, unknowable being. Enjoy evocative, unsettling art from creator Elliot Davis as well as guest writing from solo extraordinaire Sam Leigh.

Finish your game and wanna go again? Do it. Project ECCO includes over 200 prompts and 6 endings as well as rules for legacy play.

  • Requires a 1 year planner (any year), a deck of playing cards, and a tarot deck as well as a couple d6 dice and a coin
  • 76-page, 5.5″ x 8.5″ full color softcover book

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Elliot Davis


Horror, Sci Fi

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Solo, Storytelling, Tarot-driven

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