Prism Vision Camera Lens Filter


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Let’s talk prisms. Like, those little glass prisms people display on their office desks? Polyhedral curios. Think: pyramids. Cubes. They sparkle in your grandma’s china cabinet.  Or make rainbows in your kitchen if you hang one from fishing line? Jen used to sell ’em. She worked for a gift shop back in the day.

You know the first thing you should do when you pick up a prism? LOOK THROUGH IT. Why? BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME. Everything is multi-colored! There’s weird angles! Reflections get refracted upside down! Backward? Upside down AND backward? WHO KNOWS! IT’S DELIGHTFULLY CHAOTIC IN CUBE-LAND!

Now take one of those prisms, stick it on a little clip, and attach the whole thing to your phone lens.

You’re welcome.

  • Works on phones, tablets, and laptop cameras
  • It’s an IRL filter!!!

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