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Plant Girl Game


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You don’t have to be a girl, but you do have to be a plant. Your character’s gender is not essential to the game. In fact, the real plant girl is your mom—the kind-hearted witch who grows children in her garden.

Plant Girl Game is a charming, family-friendly, cooperative storytelling RPG in which players become adventurous part-human, part-plant pre-teen children. Your mother is a local witch, your home is her succulent garden, and your skills, strengths, and personal challenges are based on your genus. Will you be a Kalanchoe, a confident, natural leader who must learn to step back and allow others’ ideas to flourish? Perhaps you’ll be a cheerful, artistic Sedum, who sees beauty in everything but ought to balance when to daydream and when to focus on reality? Maybe you’ll be an Aloe, a helpful healer, always willing to offer assistance and advice – sometimes, when it’s not necessarily needed. Whoever you choose, it’s time to work together – disaster is coming! Your town has experienced an environmental crisis! Fire? Flood? Earthquake? It’s up to you and your siblings to save your community, solving problems and becoming closer in the process. Good luck, little plants 🌱

  • For 3-5 players (ages 8+) and a GM
  • Requires a handful of d6 dice to play
  • Includes rules, world-building questions, nine character types, and three starter modules

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Fantasy, Slice of Life

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GM-required, Non-Violent, Storytelling

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