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We love a “mini” object, and when we say “mini,” we are not kidding. These little wooden puzzles are tiny – only 8.8cm x 11cm, which is about the size of an index card. And each puzzle is composed of 40 lasercut pieces, including unique shapes like animals and people – good gravy, imagine how small all of those must be. Ridiculous! Adding to the challenge, the “interstitial” shapes are designed to mimic the contours of the “unique” shapes, so it isn’t immediately obvious where each shape belongs. A small, yet satisfying puzzle.

What are these, puzzles for ants?

(Yes, we recycled that Zoolander reference from the “mini polyhedral dice” copy. No shame, we’re busy people.)

Choose from four designs: surreal Flying Whales, Dream Catcher (not the native american craft, idk why they used that specific phrase), a little witch fishing from the porch of her whimsical cabin, and, for the nautically-inclined, The Lighthouse and The Treasure Hunter, an intrepid deep-sea diver. Each puzzle’s pieces match its theme, so expect octopi under the sea, seals at the lighthouse, and dreamy birds up there with the whales.

  • Finished puzzle is 11cm x 8.8cm
  • Each puzzle includes 40 unique pieces, thematically-matched to the puzzle’s subject
  • Made in Moldova

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Flying Whales, Dream Catcher, Lighthouse, Treasure Hunter


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