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Sometimes, a good scary movie’s got a whole cast of characters. Sometimes, though, it only needs two: a ghost hunter, desperate to make a name for themselves, and a ghost – a powerful, vengeful spirit wreaking a havoc on the mortal plane. Can the hunter successfully banish the ghost, or will the ghost’s violent outbursts frighten the hunter into leaving… or worse? Both a collaborative storytelling exercise and a competitive duet game, Paranormal is designed to be a quick haunt, playable over about two hours. All you need is a partner, a deck of playing cards, at least one d6, and at least 40 tokens (or, y’know, a bunch of ominous little tallies on a sheet of paper).

  • A duet game for one ghost and one ghost hunter
  • A celebration of shows like Ghosthunter, movies like Paranormal Activity (or if you wanna go retro, like, Poltergeist)
  • 12-page, full color saddle-stitched A5 zine

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Disaster Tourism



RPG Terms

Duet, GM-Less, One-Shot, Storytelling

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