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Falling from that squalid womb,
the creature meets the earth.
The Talisman is stitched betwixt its chiseled teeth,
at last The Pangram is born.

Pangram is a twelve-page zine about a creature called The Pangram and the lands it inhabits. It’s designed to be used with the table game of your choice, and includes some adventuring rules if you don’t have any to hand. It also contains some descriptions of The Pangram, as well as eight encounters for those who venture upon the Hard Prairie.

Pangram, by James Millichamp, is tiny, beautiful, and cryptic. It’s exactly the sort of object Jen and Ayo set out to curate in this little shop of ours: one that immediately evokes the imagination. 12 pages of visually arresting collage accompanied by sparse and unsettling text. You will not find stat blocks betwixt these pages, you will hardly find any rules for that matter, merely shadowy suggestions. What you will find is a thin and vibrating window into a world that is unfriendly and coarsely-shaped, made of meat and magic, wandered by giants and wizards alike.

Specifically, the game includes descriptions of some sort of mega creature (the Pangram,) eight suggestions of adventure hooks, and full color collages on each page.

  • 12 page, A6, full-color, saddle-stitch zine



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Dark Fantasy, Psychedelic

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