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In Outsiders, the setting moves away from the core worlds and intergalactic war of Notorious to a distant frontier on the edge of the galaxy; a place its inhabitants like to call the Outside.

Your story brings you into contact with new factions—gangsters, pirates and corporations competing to exploit this lawless sector, or firebrand rebels and ancient tribes attempting to defend their worlds from any pervasive influence.

But the arrival of the Old Empire’s powerful fleet could soon change everything…

You must once again hunt targets through uncharted wilds and bustling destinations. Confront ruthless ambition, witness destructive greed and uncover hidden motivations. Face your own past and determine your future.

Learn what it means to be an outsider.

Can’t get enough of Notorious? Need more bounty-hunting, space western action? Introducing Outsiders, an in-universe, standalone sequel. Add a new dimension to your Notorious adventures or start fresh, making a name for yourself on the fringes of known space. Like Notorious, Outsiders is a solo journaling game with two types of play: Arcade Mode (quick) or Story Mode (episodic). Like Notorious, you’ll explore planets, choose your path through the local crime syndicates and revolutionary ecosystems, and make a name for yourself.

Outsiders adds six new Nomads to play, as well as new factions, planets, and species, and an optional Trilogy Mode, which connects the events of your Notorious games to the world of Outsiders.

  • 76-page, full-color A5 book with wiro binding
  • Requires two d6 dice and a way to record your adventures
  • Does NOT require playing/owning Notorious – Outsiders is a standalone game that takes place in the Notorious universe

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Always Checkers Publishing, Jason Price


Crime, Sci Fi, Western

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