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Open Portals (Darkside Version)


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Los Angeles artist James Eads peered across time and space – beyond the veils and into other worlds – and what he witnessed, he re-created. Presenting Open Portals: a combination playing card deck, oracle deck, and original strategy card game.

As a playing card deck, Open Portals boasts everything you’d expect: gold-edged, poker-sized, embossed US Playing Card Company stock, a foil-stamped tuck box, and doorways to wild realms. Strange and surreal with a touch of fantasy, perfect vibes for TTRPGs of all stripes.

As an oracle deck, Open Portals is divination symbolism on a grand scale, imagery like the Portal for the Beginning, the God of Synchronicity, and The Fractal Tree. (There’s a fold-out guide to each card’s meanings tucked in there, too.)

As an original strategy card game, Open Portals is a cosmic battle in 30-45 minutes. Play by the light of a full moon, dressed in your most ethereal silks, and embody one of the four Magics – Time, Light, Nature, and Spirit – who must collect portals while calling on ancient powers to tip the balance and sway the fates.

This deck is something, that’s for sure, and tbh we hope you’re as stoked about it as we are.

  • Includes: 1 storage box, a 52-card deck of embossed, gold-edged playing cards in a foil-stamped tuck box, Open Portals for Oracles, a 10″ x 25″ fold-out guide for using your cards as a divination tool, and How To Open Portals, a 10″ x 22″ fold-out manual/complete rules for playing Open Portals, a mystical strategy card game for 3 – 4 players
  • What’s with Darkside? That’s the color scheme. Prisma Visions makes a  Lightside Version as well but everyone knows dark mode is more fun
  • Foil-stamped storage box is 5.8″ x 4″ x 1″ with a soft-touch finish

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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Surrealism

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Diceless, GM-Less

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