Ocellus Journal


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Here at KoC HQ, we believe strongly that sometimes an object can help you imagine. Both by what that object is, by how holding that it sparks your imagination – and by what it is not, by not being identifiably moored to our reality and allowing you to suspend disbelief and engage with your fictions as you interact with the object.

When we spoke with independent midwest-based creators Tabletop Hotdish, we talked about how we wanted to find journals specifically for journaling games: books for writing in that looked like they could belong in another world, and most importantly did NOT look like an object that unmistakably belonged in our world. A journal to help you suspend disbelief.

This is the first of those journals, handmade by Tabletop Hotdish. Rich red cover with a gold foil semi-abstract design reminiscent of moth wings. (Ocellus is the scientific term for an eyespot marking on an animal.) 36 pages, slightly smaller than half-letter. Left-hand pages are blank for sketching, right-hand pages are lined in maroon ink for writing.

This small journal could be a powerful spellbook, or a mysterious folio of notes acquired from a travelling merchant, or the confidential history of a secret society. What will be remains up to you: what it IS is a beautiful vessel for your imagination.

  • Red cover with gold foil design
  • 36 pages, mixed lined and blank pages, 8.25″ x 5.25″

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