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In the midst of an intergalactic war, you’ll take on a lucrative contract from one of six factions. The job is simple: bring the target back, dead or alive—no disintegrations.

But your presence won’t go unnoticed. 

Your growing reputation also attracts a series of hostiles. Suspicious locals who simply don’t like you (& their friends might not either), rival Nomads or faction agents working against you.

Survive these encounters & face off against your elusive target. Finish the job & receive credits & infamy, or fail to live up to the code & face the consequences.

Notorious is a solo game by Jason Price about being a bounty hunter in space fantasy galaxy a la Star Wars, with slick illustration from Torben Bökemeyer and gorgeous and clean layout design, now part of a series alongside its sequel Outsiders.

Designed to be played with or without a journal, the game uses a simple 2d6 system, and has about a 50/50 focus between mechanical challenges and brief narrative prompts. It comes with 6 different bounty hunter archetypes and charts to roll for alien species, events, adventure hooks, etc. Gameplay focuses on a single mission with an epilogue system to allow you to continue your bounty hunter’s journey should you choose.

Load up, get your guild contract, and go make some credits out there.

Because of the popularity of this book, limit 1 copy per purchase.

  • 76 page, wiro-bound, A5 full-color booklet
  • Copper foil detailing on the cover

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Always Checkers Publishing, Jason Price, Torben Bökemeyer


Crime, Sci Fi, Western

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Journaling, One-Shot, Solo

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