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Noirlandia is a GM-less storytelling game where you and your party dig into the dirty secrets of a dark and mysterious city. Together, you’ll try to solve a murder, maybe reveal an unfathomable horror, perhaps culminating in some sort of grim reckoning. Hard to say exactly what you’ll uncover, but you can be certain of this: this thing goes deep.

Noirlandia charmingly uses a corkboard and string to create an IRL “conspiracy board” which keeps track of the game state. You will be pinning cards and characters to the board, and connecting them with string to recreate the web of mystery, unravelling your mind alongside your yarn ball.

Bundle Includes:

  • 96 page, black and white, perfect-bound softcover
  • 12  16mm six-sided dice in transparent and smoke gray with white pips.

Gameplay makes use of:

  • A corkboard (or whiteboard, maybe a big sheet of cardboard)
  • String or yarn.
  • 12+ six-sided dice in two colors (included in bundle)
  • A deck of playing cards.

From Turtlebun Games, the publisher:

Noirlandia is a murder mystery roleplaying game played with an actual cork board. When you first sit down, no one knows the answers. The mystery, and the gritty conspiracy at its center, will reveal itself as you play.

Your story follows a group of interconnected characters, a mind-bending case, and the cold stiff that started it all. Roll well, and you’ll be allowed to pin new leads to your cork board or string connections between them.

Find the truth, or lose your mind trying. It’s just another day in Noirlandia.

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