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Mystic Punks: Collected Edition


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Students have gone missing at Star Valley High School and no one seems to care. You determine that their disappearances are the result of an otherworldly invasion.

As a teenage misfit, you’ve only ever used your mystic powers to perform dark rituals, but now those powers are the only thing that can save your classmates and stop a supernatural legion from consuming you and your school.

Mystic Punks is solo dungeon crawl game by Anthony Meloro set in a world somewhere between Buffy and Shin Megami Tensei, although much grungier than either of those touchstones. You’re a teenage loner, trained in the mystic arts, and you’ve taken it upon yourself to discover what’s really going on in your high school.

Mystic Punks is a crunchy, old school affair, where hand drawn maps of high school halls are peppered with stat blocks and detailed pre-written encounters. Previously published as 4 zines, the collected edition of Mystic Punks retains the structure of the original zines, with each book adding new mechanics to the game before presenting a new scenario that is part of the arc of Star Valley High. The fifth and final book saves the beefiest and perhaps most gruesome secrets for the grand finale. Illustrations from Mike Noppers and Nathan Tersteeg give the book an appropriately gruesome and acid-laced aesthetic.

  • 204-page A5 softcover, color cover and b&w interiors

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Fantasy, Horror, Psychedelic, Slice of Life

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Dungeon Crawl, Solo


Anthony Meloro, Exalted Funeral, Mike Noppers, Nathan Tersteeg