the mycopedia of raxparl the younger


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Be ye warned, however, that I take no responsibility for any negative consequences of consuming wild mushrooms. The effects enumerated within, both beneficial and otherwise, have either been experienced or observed firsthand by yours truly. However, I cannot say with absolute certainty that other, rarer effects may not exist, nor that any given individual may not be predisposed to have another sort of reaction.

—Raxparl the Younger

Does your campaign need some weird fungi? Wanna color while you roll dice? Both a coloring book and a TTRPG supplement, the Mycopedia of Raxparl the Younger has you covered! Eight mushrooms await your perusal (and your artistic flair). Use the dice tables to determine their effects. Add one or a few or all of them to your adventure. We’ll even throw in some colored pencils!

  • Includes A6 zine and three mini tie-dye colored pencils
  • Originally designed for use with Skyrealms, a system-neutral sourcebook, but adaptable to any fantasy world

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M. Allen Hall


Fantasy, Psychedelic

RPG Systems


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