My Mother’s Kitchen


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Haunt kitchens across time!

Tarot-driven solo games: introspective? Often. Supernatural? Usually. Involve recipes and healing generational trauma? That’s only this one – My Mother’s Kitchen, in which your soul is bound to the cookbook you once created.

Use a unique system that balances creative prompts and tactical thinking. As your dishes are passed down through time, the draws of your tarot deck shape the descendants you meet (the Major Arcana) and the powers you hone (the Minor Arcana).  The more you reach out to your kin, the more memories you’ll recover. Can you help your family succeed, perhaps freeing yourself in the process? Or will your efforts fail, causing strife where there should be harmony?

Includes over 44 prompts, both serious and lighthearted, as well as 12 interchangeable ‘recipe cards,’ and a ‘New Game +’ mode for replaying after a loss.

You wrote the original family cookbook.

But that’s all you know for sure. Your spirit lives in your recipes, passed down from generation to generation. Gather up memories and use your powers to heal, harm, or move on. Who will finally achieve your wish and set you free?

  • 38 pages, full-color, journal-style ring binding
  • Published for Zine Month ’23
  • Requires a 78-card tarot deck (major and minor arcana), a d10 die, paper/pencil/scissors/tape/sticky notes, and a ‘recipe book’ (journal)

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Fleet Detrik, Fleit Detrik


Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, Non-Violent, Solo, Storytelling, Tarot-driven

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