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Moonlight on Roseville Beach


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What if it was 1979 and you got a job on Rose Island – in a town called Roseville Beach, specifically, an idyllic queer community and popular vacation destination? And what if weird stuff started happening? Like, fun, supernatural weird stuff? What if, huh? What then??

Behold, Moonlight On Roseville Beach: a complete gamebook for running the delightfully queer, retro-inspired, cosmic horror-flavored pulp mystery of your dreams. Gather your fellow island inhabitants, grab a handful of d6 dice, and start collecting clues. Battle cults! Ghosts! Aliens! Evil real estate developers! Don’t forget to go to work – someone’s gotta sell sunscreen and hot dogs. Hey, the new life guard is cute. You’re about to have an interesting summer.

  • Includes ready-to-play mysteries as well as an entire chapter dedicated to running the game, bonus island lore, flash fiction, and guest stars, pre-built characters for those who might want to drop into the story for a session or two
  • 64-page perfect-bound, full-color softcover

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R. Rook Studio


Crime, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Retro Nostalgia, Surrealism

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Gamebook, Storytelling

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