Mis-Fits Series 1: The Giant Claw


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She’s a modern lady from across the stars who won’t take your shit and we’re in love. Friends of Knave of Cups, meet The Giant Claw. Lovingly based on the “villain”/puppet from the 1957 science fiction movie of the same name, our Giant Claw is a six inch tall, UV-reactive, plastic figure ready to make your space positively shine with unsettling alien joy. Was she ultimately able to build her nest and lay her eggs here on Earth? No, because humans in 1957 suck! But it’s 2023 and you don’t suck! You can change her story! Where should she live? Anywhere she friggin wants. Suggestions include office desks, windowsills, houseplants, knick knack shelves, vehicles, hidden around your home to surprise your roommate, partner, children, pets – the list goes on. Did you know you can fit a d20 in her beak? That’s freaky! What else can you fit in there? You should find out!

Fun admission: Ayo and Jen got kinda swept up in 4/20 glee. They picked up The Giant Claw without reading her description carefully and are now positively enamored with how big she is. She’s so big. Haha oops!

  • Available in four UV-reactive colors: red, green, purple, and orange
  • Approximately 6″ tall, but like, maybe bigger
  • Created by Colorado’s High on Plastic Toys
  • Comes packaged in a poly bag with header card

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Red, Green, Purple, Orange


High On Plastic Toys


Fantasy, Horror, Psychedelic, Retro Nostalgia, Sci Fi