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Other Worlds: Michael Whelan (Series 2)


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Michael Whelan is a painter and illustrator who perhaps most clearly defined what a sci-fi or fantasy book cover looked like in the 80s and 90s. Whelan’s paintings are bright and colorful, and all rendered in a soft, detailed, and highly realistic style. According to the the Science Fiction Hall of Fame:

[Whelan’s] work was a dominant force in the transition of genre book covers away from the surrealism introduced in the 1950s and 1960s back to realism.

Whelan may best remembered for his cover paintings for Anne McCafferey’s Dragonfire series, and later for the covers for Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight series and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

  • These trading cards are vintage stock and were produced in 1995 by Comic Images.
  • Because of their age, cards may stick together and slightly degrade the print. (Gently flex the cards with your hand before opening to help with this.)
  • Each sealed pack comes with 10 random cards, and there are 90 cards in the complete set.
  • Chase cards include rare Chromium cards, Autographed card, limited edition “Medallion” card, and a 3-card “Gunslinger” subset.

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