Meditating Mushrooms


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A curious forest companion whose posture reminds you to approach your adventures with clarity and calm. Great for your desk, your windowsill, your vehicle, or your verdant diorama of vibing woodland sprites.

Red is apparently named “Mindful Guy” and Green is named “Fun Guy.” Red is jealous of Green’s name, but trying to let go of that.

These little fellas, they’re not perfect. They’re working on themselves. Each one comes with a unique variation of paint imperfections and casting variations, but that just gives them character. They can accept themselves, flaws and all.

  • Size: 2 ⅛” tall
  • Sold individually
  • Figures have red or green caps
  • “Soft” vinyl
  • By Archie McPhee
  • #12982

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Single, Red mushroom, Set of 2 Green & Red


Archie McPhee


Comedy, Psychedelic