Meanwhile, in the subway


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Meanwhile, in the subway is simultaneously a beautifully-designed fantasy subway map, a setting for a variety of systems, and a standalone one-shot for 1 GM and 3 – 5 players.

Most importantly, it’s a HUGE DOUBLE-SIDED MAP! One of those giant fold-out maps like a road atlas. One side of the map is the map of the subway mega-dungeon, and the other side of the map is a… character creation map? It’s true! Get lost in a map of the external OR the internal in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Via creator Côme Martin:

The subway runs below the city; no map binds it and what happens in its hallways is never completely coherent.

Each station is unique and a source of unexpected adventures.

Each passenger, when met, turns out to be someone amazing.

Sometimes, people leave the subway, bringing the memories and dreams of their stories with them…

  • Zine is a full-color, 90cm x 60cm doubled-sided subway map suitable for display as well as gameplay

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Côme Martin


Fantasy, Psychedelic, Surrealism

RPG Terms

GM-required, One-Shot, Party

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