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More Malls More Kids is a glorious expansion module for Mall Kids, complete with a fresh cast of characters who work at all manner of malls, as well as several new settings and scenarios including…

  • Secret Shopper – work to discover the secret shopper before they find you
  • F&$K the Police – be teens, do crimes
  • Spooky Mall – explore a haunted mall at night, if you dare
  • Many Months of Mall – seasonal mall fun by Olivia Adams
  • Massive Mall – an epic quest in an epic mall by Kaitlin Bruder
  • Abandoned Mall – an emotional homecoming for grown-up teens
  • Ever Upwards – a dystopian future mall by Ben Doran
  • Mall at the End of the World – capitalism during the collapse by Erin Perry

Knave of Cups fact:

Jen worked in a mall for many years. To this day, she regrets never getting to race the mall’s loaner wheelchairs on the roof’s abandoned helicopter landing pad. She was, however, a regular recipient of the best mall omen: getting to say good morning to the pair of mall-walking old ladies who liked to exercise while pushing their cats in strollers. If you saw the stroller cats while you were opening, you were definitely gonna have a good day.

  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ 32 page black and white zine

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Matthew Gravelyn


Comedy, Crime, Retro Nostalgia, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Systems

Mall Kids

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, GM-Less, Storytelling

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